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Happy New Year, sort of :)

Happy New Year! Well, sort of. It’s now January 17th, half of the first month of the year is gone.  I did try to blog on New Year’s day with the intent to jumpstarting A Maui Blog … but a glitch happened.  A Maui Blog disappear on the face of the internet that day and […]

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Best Pizza on Maui – Where to Find … (Bucket List)

Aloha, y’all! It’s Jennifer of Island Gypsy Hawaii, again, and I’m stoked to be sharing about my Maui Pizza Bucket List today. Sound like a weird bucket list? Well, hang with me because if you visit the island you’re gonna wanna know where to find some yummy food, right? So this list is for YOU (and […]

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Happy New Year 2013 – Surf On!

I was surfing the internet this morning trying to find a good photo to use for my first post on 2013.  Should it be Maui Sunrise? Maui Sunset? A Beach Shot? Palm Trees?  Then this photo above caught my eye.  That’s it! That’s the photo I want for my New Year’s Day post!  (Thanks to […]

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