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Calm after the storm

Musings on Maui

KULA  “Calm After The Storm” Photo via @ErikBlair of www.erikeverywhere.com Musing on the storm before, during and after. It was interesting the amount of preparation people on Maui did for these hurricane Iselle and Julio.  It was quite entertaining seeing so many photos on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter about long lines at Costco and empty shelves […]

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Ohmygosh My Face Is On The Header!

“Oh.my.gosh, my face is on the header!” That was my first thought when @ErikBlair showed the new lay-out for A Maui Blog.  Being an introvert, it made me cringe to see that my photo is up there! Don’t get me wrong. I do like that photo a lot.  @Peterliu47 took that photo of me when […]

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Best Local Blog on Maui 2011

From Maui Time Weekly: Website: http://amauiblog.com/ amauiblog.com is led by Maui mama and blogger Liza Pierce. It provides a slice of our Pacific sunshine on the Internet. Follow her at @amauiblog to get her latest micro-blogged updates. She posts regularly about community events and the beauty of Maui and you’re welcome to chime in and […]

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A Maui Blog Break

A lot of “to dos” piled up on the homefront. I need to do a bloggy break to re-group and focus. I will not be uploading a new post for several weeks. In the meantime, please feel free to explore this blog and read some of my previous posts. Also, visit some of the blogs […]

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