Super Moon Moonset on Maui

Super Moon Moonset Maui


I woke up at 5 o’clock this morning and when I looked out the window I saw a beautiful moon, the super moon 2012 on it’s way to set on Maui.  I saw it through the same window that I usually take my Maui Sunset photos.  It is pretty cool to see a moonset there where the sunset also happens.  I quickly grabbed my camera and as I point I saw two birds on a wire posed for the photo. Great!


Super Moon Moonset Maui 2012


I took these photos through our window with wire mesh window screen.  Thankfully the screen didn’t show up as much.  My camera didn’t capture so much of the color of the sky … it’s pink and blue.  It’s beautiful!


Supermoon Moonset Maui


How about you? Did you watch the super moon in your place last night? Did you take a photo of the Super Moon 2012 in your area? If you posted a photo or blogged about it, please leave the link on the comment section. I would love to see your photos too!

4 thoughts on “Super Moon Moonset on Maui”

  1. Love your photos – the first one with the 2 birds is awesome!

    I was leaving work last night at 9pm (I’m on the mainland) and as I turned onto my street, I notice that the moon looked HUGE… and add to that the fact that it was a rich orange colour – even cooler still. Strangely, a half hour later when I thought to tell my husband to take a look at it, the moon was back to being it’s normal-sized self, and no longer orange either. So lucky me that I got to see the uber-cool version while it lasted! 🙂

  2. I’m an amateur astronomer and member of a couple astronomy clubs on Maui. This month’s full moon was 14% larger than normal, which to me was not enough difference to notice. The moon always appears much larger when it is very close to the horizon, than when it is high in the sky, but that is an optical illusion. The third photo on the following page shows my Moonset photo on Maui in 2008:

  3. Liza – Lovely pics. And you even managed to get a “bird on a wire!” Shane has noticed that that concept is incredibly popular on Etsy – we are not sure why but it clearly conjures up a mood of some sort… This has been one amazing full moon – so close to the earth we could feel it more than usual.

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