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Aloha, my name is Liza Pierce and I have been living on Maui since 1994. My husband Brad and I have two children, now young adults. We have a dear dog, an Italian greyhound named Sonny. We have two beautiful senior Calico Cats, they are sisters, named Bob and Gus.

I love Maui! I think this is one of the most beautiful places on earth. I feel privileged to live here. I am grateful that I get to enjoy Maui’s beauty every day. I don’t have to wait for a dream vacation to visit Maui. I am living the dream!

I started blogging as a Mommy Blogger in 2005. My kids were little at that time, and I enjoyed sharing stories about our adventures on living on Maui. I also shared the joys and struggles of living in Hawaii as a working mom. (Read my original About Me article here).

As my blog and social media followers grew, I started getting a lot of questions about Maui. The questions kept on coming and growing, so I decided to start A Maui Blog.

I do not have a journalism degree. I majored in Psychology. English is my second language. If you are looking for an eloquent writer, who is always grammatically correct and a wiz in spelling, you are in the wrong blog. But if you want to read the ramblings of a Kama’aina (local who is not born here) talking story online, you’re on the right blog.

This is why I have this Website and Blog: I want to share Maui with you! I want you not only to enjoy Maui but also to love and take care of it.

You will also find me sharing about Maui on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linked-In.

Ready to enjoy Maui with me? Let’s do it!