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I started blogging as a Mommy Blogger in 2005. My kids were little at that time, and I enjoyed sharing stories about our adventures on living on Maui. I also shared the joys and struggles of living in Hawaii as a working mom.
As my blog and social media followers grew, I started getting a lot of questions about Maui. The questions kept on coming and growing, so I decided to start A Maui Blog.

The Latest Happenings on Maui

Pig And Pineapple

  Aloha!  I am glad to be back on Maui from our wonderful vacation to visit our family in Connecticut. I hope you are all having a wonderful "Fall" as well.  Before we left for the mainland I was working on a blog post about Pig and Pineapple, so let's pick up...

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Maui Mama Talks About Her Weekend

I am a little bit behind on my posting.  Definitely not due to lack of things to write about - in fact I have so much that I want to blog about. Most of the time, my lack of posting is due to lack of time to write and upload a post. I have several blog posts ideas on...

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