About the photo: The Waiola Church hall and nearby Lahaina Hongwanji Mission temple are fully engulfed in flames on Tuesday afternoon. Source: The Maui News / MATTHEW THAYER photos


Where do I begin? How do I write about such a devastating and heartbreaking catastrophe?  I tried a few times, and I failed. I just was having a hard time organizing and finishing up the blogs I started, so I gave up.  In lieu of my reflection blog, I just created this blog to list some fundraising going on. I think this is good for now.  I may come back and finish up my reflection blog, but for now I would like to share some of these fundraising pages and I encourage you to choose one or more to support:

The need is so great, and sometimes I get overwhelmed. Then I remind myself of the Starfish Story and I know that I can make a difference, one person at a time. All of us can make a difference helping one person, one family at. time.

Personal / Family Go Fund Me Accounts (GFM) created for them by family and close friends.

These are friends of mine and I can guarantee that they are legit and wonderful people to help. I know each of them personally (or was a friend of mine know them personally). Read about their stories in their GFM accounts. All the names are linked respectively.

Heather Ganis and Family  – I met Heather a few years ago via a Womenʻs Group. We are also good friends online. She is mostly known as @Mauibelle on Instagram. She is also an active member of our Facebook group, Visit Live Love Maui. She is always helpful.

Caroline and Bill Anthony  – I knew Caroline via Facebook. She is an active member has been very helpful to others. She is also active in her church. She is one of the sweetest person I know.

Kim and Cindy Ball / Ball Family – Kim is known in the Community of Maui (he owns H–Tech) and a great friend of ours.  His son, had set is this Go Fund Me – read the story ther to learn more about Kim and the Ball Family.

Sarah Burns and family – I first met Sarah online vai Mama Bloggers network.  Then we became friends in real life to as we often see each other on social media events on Maui and such. Super caring person! Read the GFM story for more.

Ed Lindsey / Ekoluʻs Family  – My sonʻs former teacher had set-up this GFM and when you read their story in GFM youʻd know why.  Ed is always helping the community.

Sunshine and Shane  – My friend Petra had originally set up this GFM for Sunshineʻs cancer treatment; and now they are affected by the fire too. read the GFM story for more details.

Ella / Bryan – Aguiran Ohana –  I met Ella online. Bryan created video of the aftermath of Lahaina Fire. They gave me permission to share. Ella is housing 5 families in her house.

Pam Reader and Family – Pam is one of our agents at Hawaii Life. She is a kind and sweet person. Read more about her and her family on the GFM story.

Jojo and Elisa, Vasquez  Family – Jojo and Elisa own the Fond restaurant. I had met them in various events and we have many mutual friends.

Yadao Family – Knew from @sunkissedwahine – Lost everything. They need out help for them to start over.

Ryan, Crystal and Zues This young couple needs our help. Whatever amount you can give.  Mahalo.

There are also many Maui companies (especially the ones on the West Side) who had set-up a Go Fund Me  to help  their employees  whoʻs house burned down in fire. If you any of the restaurants and biz in Lahaina when you were visiting Maui, check out their Instagram. They are more likely doing some kind ok fund raising for their employees Support whoever your heat feels like supporting. The need is great – every help, big or small, counts.

Another way to give directly is through Venmo.  There is an instagram account called @Lahaina Ohana Venmo

I know that many of you have already donated. Mahalo, Mahalo from all of us! The journey to recovery is long but the people of Lahaina, and the people of Maui are resilient.  We will rebuild.  #MauiStrong #LahainaStrong