I was so excited by the wonderful responses and engagement my previous post received. I wanted so much to deliver. I have had many requests for the a copy of the draft which I promised.

However, on this post I am fessing up. I failed to deliver.

I even took a 3 days “vacation” from my full time job, for the purpose of finishing the outline but I did not finish.

Some said, “set a deadline” for your self.

I did.

I even posted publicly my goal, which wast get it published and launched on my birthday.

Tomorrow is my birthday.

And no, the book wonʻt be launched.

Because it is not done yet.

I feel like the “boy who cried wolf”

I had given several dates on when it is going to be launched. But it wasnʻt.

Soon readers might simply “ignore” me

I tried to encourage my self b y saying “writing book is really hard”. “if it is easy, more people would be doing it”.

I am not giving up.

I have attained significant progress.

It really is getting closer.

But I wonʻt give an approximate time of publication anymore.

It will be published when it is published.

It will be launched when it is launched.

I wanted to write this post to let you know.

Because I think and feel that I owe you an apology.

Please accept my apology.

Mahalo for being in this journey with me.

I will keep you updated.