A Day In A Life Of A Maui Local known as @amauiblog

Maui Sunset by Mike Neal

This post idea started with this photo by Mike Neal.  He is my kindred spirit when it comes to loving Maui Sunrise and Maui Sunset.  Almost everyday he posts a photo on his Facebook profile and I enthusiastically share it on A Maui Blog page.  This Friday, he shared the photo above and for me that photo is a great reminder of why I am love living on Maui.  That is the Maui I love.

I know a new blog post is needed. My original goal was to post 2 to 3 times a week but I am failing.  But no need to fret. I think I’d post whenever I can and that is ok. No pressure.

Last night I thought, “why not blog about my day“?  Nothing spectacular, just an ordinary day of a Maui Local who happens to be a blogger.  Not sensational, but a glimpse of what it is like to live on this island we love (as a blogger I should add as other Maui Local will have a different typical day)

So where do I begin? In the morning I suppose.  When I woke up I found out that the internet router in our house is broken.  That’s enough to for me to experience some “internet withdrawal” symptoms because I could not use my Mac computer to tweet and post on Facebook.  But it only lasted a few minutes as I slapped myself and told myself that I live on Maui, why the heck am I so bothered by a broken router.  When hubby woke up, he told me we, as a family, will go to Costco to buy a new router for me.  My family knows how to please me 🙂

Everyone in the family went to do our Saturday morning chores. I managed to tweet what I was doing through my IPhone Instagram.  While cleaning and de-cluttering I was having this conversation in my mind, with myself, about the #SeeMaui Tweetup that  was supposed to happen at 2pm that day.  Should I go?  I really really wanted to.  It will be so much fun and I would be so stoked to personally meet some of the famous travels bloggers I had been following on Twitter.  On the other hand, Saturday is supposed to be our “family day”.  My husband’s truck is in the shop and so we only have only car to use in the family. I guess I could just car pool with Erik Blair, the Accidental Consultant, who lives on Kihei and also going to the tweetup.  When I mentioned to my hubby about the tweetup, he asked “what about our plans to go to Costco?” Oh yeah, we are gonna go to Costco as a family. I guess I could have justified my going by saying it is “work” and represent Aloha Luxury Properties while I was there.  But I wanted to be sensitive to Maui Visitors Bureau and I wasn’t sure if promoting our vacation rental on that setting is appropriate because they have their own vacation rental companies sponsoring #SeeMaui. Maybe it was ok but I opted not to do it since I didn’t ask.

And just to let you know, going to Costco as a family is really one of our family’s “bonding time”. I am not kidding.  Funny and weird but true.  It’s a time for us to ride in the car together, not only to talk about what we need to buy at Costco and what we want to buy but can’t afford right now but to talk about a lot of things going on in our life.  When we get old and kids have their own kids, they will tell them stories of how we used to drive to Costco together – he he he.

We did go to the beach later in the afternoon to walk Sonny, the famous Italian greyhound, and to watch the Maui Sunset.  It was a very windy day at Keawakapu yesterday but there were still many people at the beach.  Aside from a usual picture taking I even took a video to share with you how windy it was:

Despite the wind, it was a good day at the beach.  We saw our good friends Erik and Emmi and their kids.  It’s always fun chatting with them. Sonny had a good run. I got some great photos of Maui Sunset and at night we had our dinner. Guess what we have for dinner? If you guessed Costco pizza you are right!  🙂

8 thoughts on “A Day In A Life Of A Maui Local known as @amauiblog”

  1. Liza, we missed you yesterday, but true so often we are together in spirit. Family takes priority. I love your down-to-earth day post about a day on Maui. every day we wake up to beauyt. All we have to do is look out the window, go outside, walk along the shore, get into the garden, breathe…. The fresh clean air of Hawaii, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, 3,000 miles away from the mainland. Your family knows you well. My get away really helped me to put things in perspective. When too much stress builds up, I just tell myself, take it easy, enjoy the moment. Nothing is worth wasting a beautiful day…

  2. Great to get a glimpse into life on Maui- seems pretty regular/good to me: family, pets, shopping (he he) and all set against the backdrop of a beautiful setting. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I loved this – the pics of you are so – telling – they tell the story! And what a progression with your family too. A new router – just what every geek girl wants!!!

    As for the tweetup – we did miss you as Marilyn said. Regardless who you work for, you are welcome. Maybe next time – I am thinking of planning on where we all take the ferry to #VisitLanai – you *must* come to that one.

  4. I love the picture with you and your furbaby! And this is a wonderful post, a peek into your life is just so lovely.

    I agree about Mike, he is the king of sunsets and sunrises, I enjoy his photos immensely.

    ps…I hate going to Costco! Everything, the crowds, the location (psst, we need one in Kihei don’t you think) and cashing out. I do go though because I love Pellegrino sparkling water and it’s an expensive addiction to have, I can buy a case at Costco for much less (plus it is hard to juggle those bottles out of Safeway).

  5. These pictures are awesome Liza! I love your furbaby. And I love the video. I showed Miss C. Now we want to come to Maui!

  6. Just re-read this blog and enjoyed it a second time. Love your family bonding time to Costco! I agree completely about Mike Neal’s photos, they are wonderful, especially the sunrises and sunsets. I love taking photos of them myself when we are in Maui and the other Hawaiian islands. Aloha and Mahalo for giving us a glimpse of daily Maui living.

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