A Maui Blog is so glad to have Me-Shell (a.k.a @Swellwomen) as our guest blogger this week. She and I “met” on Twitter and became good friends, even though we are yet to meet IRL. One of these days I am hoping to be able to participate on her retreats, but I thought it would be nice to share about the Swell Women Retreat to all of you. Sure sounds relaxing and fun!


A Sure Ride To Bliss

Ever thought about stepping away from the day to day? Do your mind and body need rejuvenating? Why not join the growing trend of women who are packing their bikinis into their luggage and heading to a women’s surf retreat. A women’s surf retreat is an all inclusive vacation designed for women to concentrate on themselves. Surfing lessons, yoga sessions, massages and workshops on wellness are just some of the highlights. The objective of these surf and yoga retreats is to allow women to empower themselves through the medium of surfing while rejuvenating themselves through each and every yoga sun salutation.


Delicious chef prepared meals are provided during the SwellWomen retreats, truly giving women more freedom from their daily lives than they have had in years. The chef at SwellWomen retreats enjoys picking up and serving organic and healthy foods to round out an incredible week of bliss. We can’t all follow the trend of performing a permanent change to the sea. Moving houses and careers to be located on the seaside is an impossibility for many of us. However, we can all benefit from a week long surf and yoga retreat. Trade the apron, cell phone and subway for a bikini, yoga mat, and surf board. Do yourself a favor and experience a women’s surf camp. Make new friends. Learn new life skills. The number one priority for the week? Yourself. Chores or bliss? The decision is yours.


About the Author: Me-Shell Mijangos an ex-professional snowboarder, left the corporate world of NYC to follow her bliss in Maui, Hawaii. She is the founder of an all inclusive women’s surf retreat called SwellWomen. She states that, “she is a woman who follows her bliss and wants to connect with other women who do the same by creating an unforgettable experience for them”. Visit her SwellBlog!


ALOHA FRIDAY – I am also using this post as my entry to Kailani’s Meme called “Aloha Friday”. It’s this fun thing we do in our blogging community where we post a question, visit each other’s blog and answer that question. You’ll find further explanation of what it is on An Island Life blog. Hop to there and visit Kailani. But before you do that, please answer my question for today. Have you done you before or are doing it now?  Bonus question – how about surfing? Have you surfed before?