A Little Aloha Goes A Long Way

aloha-smiles-11It was a hectic Tuesday morning. After dropping off the kids to school I noticed that gas gage says I am almost out of gas. I decided to stop by the 76 station at Piilani Shopping Center to get gas.   While pumping gas into my car, I smelled my favorite Fried Chicken being cooked at the Minit Stop right next to the gas station. Since I did not eat breakfast that morning, I decided to just go there and grab the 2 piece chicken (plus a potato wedge) which only cost about 3 dollars.   I like eating fried chicken and rice for breakfast 🙂

At that time I was doing a post on “Where Locals Eat on Maui” so I thought I should take a photo of Minit Stop Island Kitchen while I was there.  As I point and shoot the camera, I heared these two Minit Stop employees talking to each other and giggling saying “smile, someone is taking a photo“. I kinda laugh inside when I heard it. I turned to them and asked if I can take their photo and they said sure with such joy I loved it! So here you can see the two of them happily smiling for me :aloha-smiles-2)

We chatted and talked about why I was taking photos.  Next thing I know, there’s a guy coming out from their office asking who’s taking the photos. He smiled and posed and so I took his photo too.  I asked if he’s the manager and he laughed, then said no I am an employee from the main office.  So now, we are all laughing and talking story as I take some more photos of the Island Kiitchen while waiting for my Fried Chicken to be wrapped. Oh the smell of that freshly cooked fried chicken was so good. But what made it better are the smiles and laughter that the staff of Minit Stop bought that morning.  I thought “what an aloha spirit” – it’s how it’s supposed to be.

A little aloha goes a long way…” If most of us would have the same attitude that these staff at Minit Stop had shown me that day I stopped by there for breakfast, this world would be a better place.

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  1. Aloha,
    We hope that your friend reconsiders their decision. The majority of people on the islands are some of the most down to earth people you could ever meet. We do most of our visiting and vacationing in Oahu, which is also where we conduct most of our business.

    We ourselves have received horrible treatment and even downright harassment from the local people that hang out on Waikiki strip, but we have also met individual shop owners and people on-line that have evolved into what we now consider our very best friends.

    I don’t mean to rant but I will admit that I was a bit disappointed by the treatment a few individuals dished out on my last visit.

    Maybe if they understood that approximately 70% of the revenues we take in on the mainland are actually re-distributed back to the island, they would possibly change their tune and get some Aloha in their hearts.

    Regardless, no matter what island you visit, the overwhelming majority of people you meet do indeed have a lot of “Aloha spirit”. Visiting the islands is a trek that everyone should make at least once a year.


  2. Thanks for the yummy advise on where to get the best Maui fried chicken. I also read the funny bunny story. We have one to tell too, of a different nature. We went to the Sunday Brunch at the Hyatt and brought back a white chocolate bunny for a friend. We made the mistake of stopping at the Lahaina craft fair on the way home. Guess what, when our friend opened the box, there lay a pretty flat white chocolate bunny. She loved it anyway and said it was delicious.

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  3. How i wish we can visit Maui and experience the aloha spirit, run a marathon, and to spend time with you guys. We miss you all! We love you!

    Bro J’s last blog post..Half marathon in Batangas

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