I am beyond excited! I am thrilled and joyful that A Maui Blog has a new look, a new feel, and a new direction! Needless to say, I have a renewed passion for this blog. I have plans, lots of ideas that will bring value to all of you faithful and future readers of A Maui Blog.

Today’s post is short and sweet. I just want to introduce to you this new blog. I also would like to give credit to whom credits are due.  I would like to extend my huge MAHALO to:

Erik Blair of Spaceably for creating this new site for me.  Erik has been managing the technical part of my blog for many years now.  When I told him my vision about having a new design for A Maui Blog, he was very encouraging and he helped me all the way to this launch.  We still have a lot to do but I wanted to launch now. I told him we will just tinker with it and clean it up (or improve it) after the launch. If any of you need a new website or someone to assist you in your website management, contact Erik and see if he’s the right fit for you.  I highly recommend him.

Kelsy Hetzler Photography for my photo on the home page.  Didn’t she do a great job? Yes, she did! If you need to have a profile photo, family photo, graduation photo, wedding photo or whatever photography you need, you may contact Kelsy here.

Tara and Miss Maui Maven Bus.  Mahalo to Tara a.k.a. the Modern Maven for organizing the first Maui Makers gathering (video below) and connecting me to Kelsy. The beautiful bus in the background is Miss Maven. You can find her on Instagram at @hellomissmaven

Ok, that’s all for today.  My plan is to post once a week (and maybe more).  I also plan to update all the Favorite Posts Page – update some of the posts or add a new improved post.

Video Credit goes to @kassidymariephoto