Now that the move from Blogger to WordPress is practically complete, I am getting back into the posting groove. I actually had taken many photos while in transition. Those photos are to be used together with my “talk story” posts.

As I mentioned on this post, I am hoping to turn this blog more into a collaboration of Maui Bloggers instead of just me posting. I have already received some e-mails from local business owners and will be working with them on blog posts soon. Anyone else want to join?

I am also thinking of doing some regular features on the blog like:

1) Maui Memories
2) Photo of the Week
3) Maui Weddings and Romance
4) Saturday Swap Meet / Maui Finds
5) Maui Staycation / Activity of the Week

All of the above would be open for readers contribution. You can e-mail me your stories and photos and I will upload them on the blog.

I guess this is enough brainstorming for now. Will be back for more ideas later.