I was taking a shower this morning when this great idea came to mind. I tell yah, most of my great ideas are conceived in the shower while I am shampooing my hair! Back to that great idea, bear with me as I think this out loud with you.

Most of you know that A Maui Blog also has it’s presence on Facebook. It now has about 336 fans (or friends who “like” it). I enjoy posting photos on it and I also plan on posting events that are coming up on Maui – kinda like “A Maui Blog’s pick”.

This morning (yes, while I was in the shower) I thought … why not use that page to help promote the small businesses on Maui? Moreoever, why not use it to promote businesses in Hawaii?  Brilliant, eh? the question is “how?”

Here’s how:

Every Wednesday night I will post a call on my wall inviting Hawaii biz owners who have chosen to engage in social media to share the link to their Blog or FB Page on the comment of that post to introduce themselves to A Maui blog readers. That way people who are interested on that particular biz can have this resource readily available. I am making this up as I go along but I thought it’s better to implement this right away than for me to keep on thinking and overplanning this thing. So, let’s give it a go … let’s just do it.

Oh, before I forget, here is another component of this “promotion”. I want to keep the posting “by theme” or “business category”. For example, this week I will invite all Hawaii realtors to post their links and introduce themselves. Next week I will invite the foodies (restaurants, chefs, etc.), and then the coming week maybe photographers, then clothing stores, or wedding industry biz.

OK, I think we’ve brainstormed enough. Please let me know what you think in the comment section of this blog. Feel free to share with me any ideas you may have to improve this FB Promo for Hawaii Biz by leaving a comment.

After you left a comment, hop on to A Maui Blog. LLC on FB and check it out. If your biz is in line with this week’s theme, by all means, share your link! Aloooha!

P.S. – I am working on a post “Maui By Air”. I just want you to know that – it’ll be uploaded soon 🙂