Makena, Maui 96753

One thing the separates A Maui Blog from many travel and tourism blogs is it’s local flavor and less formal attitude. It has a local voice, a local “talking story mama voice” – spontaneous than formal, not too polished, with occasional grammatical and spelling errors (ahem, maybe more than occasional). Yet this blog has enough good qualities like politeness, friendliness, promoting others others than myself, humor and lots of aloha. Sure I talk a lot about Maui – it’s beauty and splendor (who does not want to read about Maui? No one. Everyone loves Maui – ok, some may argue that, but that’s your opinion) but more than just talking about Maui, I love talking about “da people” of Maui. It’ a huge part of what makes Maui special….

At this point you might be wondering “why is Liza doing this “drama post”, and where is she heading?”. The truth? I do not know. I am just seriously rambling here, breaking my one week silence. It’s been a very busy week of transition for me at work that this blog was left unattended for a week.

What transition am I talking about? I took a 3 month furlough from my regular job to help a friend of mine “jumpstart” his social media involvement (I was hired by him for 3 months) What happened is this last week is that I spent more time working with his social media sites (like this FB page) instead of mine. But it is temporary. I am just happy I can help and in turn I am able to spend more time at home with my kids during their summer vacation.

So … thank you for listening to my ramblings. I am working on several posts for this blog. Who knows when those will be uploaded but I am praying I can upload one tonight. In the meantime, enjoy your weekend. Happy 4th of July!

🙂 Liza