IMG_9800 It’s Aloha Friday time! This is the time when friends on the blogosphere hop around for a talk story kind of meme. We ask questions and we get answers. In the process, we meet new friends. Kailani of An Island Life started this. If you want more information, go to An Island Life. There you will find the explanation of how this goes, as well as the links of participants.

For this week, Kailani’s question is “Did Santa bring you everything you wanted this Christmas?”. My answer was “Yes, he did!” and one of them is the Flip Video camera I am holding in the photo. I am excited to use that so I can share more videos about Maui to all of you.

Now for my question, “Have you set a goal yet for 2010?” Nothing in particular – just something that you thought of you’d want to improve or work on for the coming year. Mine is “running at least 2x a week 30 min each day” for exercise.

If you have not thought of any, maybe now is the time to do so. And please share in the comment section any goal or resolution you may have for 2010. Aloha!