NO, it’s not YOU (unless you are a professional organizer). That sounds great on the Mariah Carey’s, song “all I want for Christmas is you“… but as for me, all I want for Christmas is an organizer! This working mama is overwhelmed. It’s hard enough to balance work and family during regular days – throw in a holiday and I go crazy! Or maybe I don’t need an organizer – I need a helper (and a message therapist to soothe my aching back).

OK, so much for the whine … I know you didn’t come here to listen to my whining. Today is Aloha Friday. Time to take it easy as Kalani said. For those who are new and don’t know about the Aloha Friday Carnival, you can check read post and there’s a brief explanation there. To those of you who knows the routine, my question for this week is:

What do you want for Christmas this year? Please share, leave a comment. Then go to An Island Life and visit and comment on others as well. Aloha!