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A beautiful rainbow appeared in front of our house yesterday morning and I went gaga taking photos of it! I wanted to share this with everyone so this is my ALOHA FRIDAY post. If you are not familiar with the Aloha Friday Carnival, just visit  An Island Life Blog and Kalani explained it there for you. There you will also find other participants’ links.

So for Aloha Friday, my question is “what is one of your favorite things?” you know… like the song in the Sound of Music that says “raindrops and rose and blue satin sashes …. these are a few of my favorite things…”. You should have guessed what mine is already – yes, RAINBOWS!  What is yours?

P.S. My friend Karen also posted the rainbow photos from their condo – (check it out here) – she got the whole arch!  But before you go there, make sure you leave a comment here 🙂 Aloha!

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  1. I do LOVE Rainbows too! Some other favorites of mine are a blue sky and nice crisp morning air and going for a power walk ~ just hanging with the kids and hubby – now that they are 29 & 30 ~ those times are precious! And a morning cup of fresh coffee with sugar free french vanilla creamer in it – I’m addicted to that stuff!

    Nancy’s last blog post..Yep ~ It’s Aloha Friday time gang!!

  2. Nice job on the photos, they came out great. From the looks of them, that rainbow must have been pretty bright and hung around for awhile.

    One of my favorite things these days (it changes, you know) has to be my camera. I’ve been pretty obsessed with it the last few months, and it has done a wonderful job lately of catching so many great memories to share with everyone.

  3. Oh, that is so beautiful! *sniff* I miss rainbows in Hawaii! 2 Christmases ago we almost lost our youngest DD and her two children (our grandkids), then 1 month old and 2 years old. Hubby and I were in Hawaii when we heard of their accident. We’re very lucky! Life is so short – so my favorite thing is to be able to spend time with my ohana.

    East Coast Wahine’s last blog post..Kaylyn – You’re My Sunshine! Giveaway

  4. That is so gorgeous! I hope to see Maui one day soon!!

    My favorite thing? Well one of them would have to be the ocean.

  5. Love the rainbows!

    Hmm…hard to pick just one favorite thing. I love cuddling with my little ones.

    Sarah’s last blog post..Desperately Seeking Spring

  6. Beautiful pictures! One of my favorite things are vacations!

    Jenni Jiggety’s last blog post..Aloha Fraud-day

  7. We experienced the most wonderful rainbows when we lived on the West Side, in Kaanapali. And speaking of “Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens” we are going to take in the Sound of Music at tomorrow’s matinee.
    Liza I will look forward to seeing more of your great photos.

    Julie Roberts’s last blog post..Puunene Sugar Museum in Maui Hawaii

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