And Then She Got Addicted to Watching Rescue Videos of Dogs And Following The Life of Some Sweet Italian Greyhounds

Aloha! Yep, I am still alive!  Want to know what I had been doing instead of blogging? I had been watching rescue videos of Eldad on Facebook  and YouTube, and been hanging out on Facebook with a great group of Italian Greyhound owners, following the exciting stories of various rescue Iggies such as Jojo and Elvis.

JoJo The Italian Greyhound
Photo from Giovanni (Jojo) Italian Greyhound Facebook Page

Jojo is a blind Italian Greyhound who was left in a shelter, and if no one adopted him he may be in a danger of being put to sleep.  The person who wanted to save him lives in California, and Jojo was in Georgia.  It’s a very exciting story I tell you! If you want to share the joy of knowing Jojo like I do, hop over to his Facebook Page: Jojo, The Italian Greyhound.

Italian Greyhound Rescue
Photo from the Italian Greyhound Rescue In Houston FB Page

Now Elvis … Elvis was rescued from the shelter. At the time  he was rescued, he was so hurt and broken (he was previously hit by a car). He needed surgery and a long process of recovery. Check his the photos at Italian Greyhound Rescue in Houston to see his transformation.  The latest photo is soo cute – he is Elvis, the King!

We will be back to our regular postings about Maui shortly.  I just want to make sure I let you know one of the many reasons I was not updating my blog 🙂

Last but not the least, if you are on Oahu, Hawaii, and would like to adopt an Italian Greyhound, there is one waiting for you!  His name is Otto:

Italian Greyhound Rescue Hawaii
Photo from Italian Greyhound Rescue Hawaii FB Page

Interested to adopt Otto? Go to Italian Greyhound Rescue Hawaii Facebook Page and message them.

9 thoughts on “And Then She Got Addicted to Watching Rescue Videos of Dogs And Following The Life of Some Sweet Italian Greyhounds”

  1. Awww such great stories. Loved reading them. Thanks for telling us about them 🙂 I can’t read too many because then I start crying uncontrollably for all the other homeless babies out there though 🙁

  2. Have you checked out 4th Friday in Paia town yet? I visit a biz there once a month and the proprietor says the event is Dynamite! Just a suggestion.

    Your blogging friend,
    Laura Marzke

  3. Otto is beautiful! I’ve spent many hours watching videos of black german shepherds on you tube so I completely understand 🙂

  4. Awwww! Otto and the dogs are so cute. I love all animals, but cats are my favorites and I adopted two seven years ago when they were little kittens.

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