Last weekend I attended the Maui Ag Fest 2023 Event.  That’s a start of me going back to sharing about events….

This week I am using my paid time off benefits from my work with Hawaii Life. I am doing a Staycation and PassiveIncomeWorkcation  – ha!  I am back focusing on my “book publishing” gig.  Aside from me needing the extra income, I also know that my “Maui Now and Beyond” book is needed. I will explain more about this on a separate blog post. This blog is more the story of my “coming back”.

Maui Sunsets are gorgeous. This photo was taken from our lanai, the other day.

In December 2022 I have set a goal of getting back to blogging in 2023. But in January of 2023, my hubby asked me if we can “adopt” an Italian Greyhound. Our first Iggy passed away and he missed having a companion dog in the house. I agreed for us to adopt one. We ended up getting 2 and os the course of my 2023 changed.  My life as an “empty nester” change. You know, it’s like having twin babies; then twin toddlers, and I work from home full time with Hawaii Life too so I need to make sure I really focus on my work for 8 hours, and also take care of the puppies. Needless to say, that is the reason why I had to put a hold on my blogging, facebook, youtube channel development and the publishing of my books etc. There was just not enough time to do all. Thankfully the iggies are starting to “mellow”. They are growing and maturing, and now sleep for longer period than when they were little puppies.

Speaking of taking a break, I also took a break from Visit Live Love Maui Facebook Group management. I actually put the group on inactive status.  But this week, i will reactivate it.

Obviously, I am back with blogging. By the time you are reading this, I might already be working on a second blog. I am happy to be back.

A couple weeks ago it hit me that  half of the year is almost over. It’s is now June as I am writing this. June!  Before we know it, Christmas time will be here again.

It is kinda weird that despite the many “cons” of participating in social media, I still see a lot of pros with it.  I love sharing about Maui, simply because I feel blessed to live here.

So this is it… my blog announcement that I am back. I hope you are all still there, loving Maui with me.