Those who know me well would know that this is a big deal. I never thought I’d surf in my whole life – never! I am such a chicken when it comes to swimming, especially in the ocean. I also am very uncoordinated and not sporty. Well, my friend Sol who is a great surfer never gave up on me. She taught me how to surf. And thank to Sol, I did! Here’s the proof:

In this first photo, I was quite scared. I was still very hesitant. I thought I would make a fool of myself if I try….

But I tried anyway. This is the first attempt. Not bad…

Getting up… Sol said “look up … never look down …”

And up …. I stood! and I tried to balance…

And I surfed! I can’t believe it, I surfed!

Thank you Sol! Thank you very much for being such a great surf instructor!

And here’s Sol for the “real surf” photo. She’s amazing!

She’s pretty amazing!