I really hate those sort of comments… best this, best that…. I mean how can anyone say that? Like the fact Bruce Springsteen never won a Grammy Award during the 70’s! What’s with that? Born To Run was released in 1975 and didn’t get squat! But I digress…

A really good burger can be had at Stella Blues in Kihei. I live in Kihei, work in Kihei, and had the opportunity to eat all over the island. I mean Ka’anapali, Napili, Lahaina, Kahului, Wailuku, and Wailea, … I’m not rich, but then again rich people will talk about the best bottle of wine they had… or the best es cargo they ate (really now, who eats snails? I routinely put out Snail and Slug bait to kill those little buggers! I could tell you about a really good snail bait… nut then Green Peace might swoop down on this blog and shut it down… maybe not (but I digress…). Stella Blue’ has a really good cheese burger. It’s big, well made, excellent service, fries are extra but worth it! I like to eat burgers and this one is the bomb! Haven’t have one better.

What about… Burger in Paradise down at the shops at Wailea? Cheese Burger in Paradise on Front Street in Lahaina? Moose McGillycuddy’s? They are good, but Stella’s beats them hands down.

The location is not the best – Long’ Shopping Center in Kihei – but for $8.95 you can’t go wrong.

Posted by: The Broken Chromosome