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From Maui Time Weekly:

Website: is led by Maui mama and blogger Liza Pierce. It provides a slice of our Pacific sunshine on the Internet. Follow her at @amauiblog to get her latest micro-blogged updates. She posts regularly about community events and the beauty of Maui and you’re welcome to chime in and comment. Her latest craze is sharing through Instagram, but you will find Pierce is always sharing something on social platforms, where ever they may be.


Dear A Maui Blog Readers and Friends,

Once again, I would like to thank you for voting A Maui Blog as the Best Local Blog on Maui for 2 consecutive years.  As you probably have been noticing, I have not updated my blog for several weeks now.  It’s been very hectic for me this past few weeks as I started a new full time job.  This does not mean I am giving up blogging here at A Maui Blog.  I am just re-grouping and re-organizing (rebuilding and recuperating from the hacking set-backs).  By next week you will see an update as well as improved A Maui Blog.  Thank you for your patience, understanding and love.

A hui hou,


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  1. No problem Liza 🙂 Hope you have a good time at your new ful time job, and refresh your blog once a week so that we don’t think that you escaped from the online world 😛

    1. Ken, Hawaii Life is NOT PAYING ME AT ALL. We have agreed on a blogroll exchange listing and when they reminded me of our agreement, I made sure I put their link back up because they have my link up on their site. This A Maui Blog is a labor of love, the minor compensation I get on some occasions only goes to paying for the hosting of this blog. My blogroll is freely listed. Maybe there’s one or two who generously offered to pay, but it’s definitely not Hawaii Life. I could have probably added the link to your site had you asked politely. Too late now.

      Being a very busy working mom, this month was very hectic for me. Being hacked on top of that and rebuilding the site was not fun, not was it free (cost me a lot of money). I am struggling to find the time to update my blog. Right now it’s 3am on Maui and dealing with your “not so nice” comment. I was really disappointed to read your comment. I hope this clears up the accusation you have made.


    2. It’s not nice to accuse someone coming from your perception of how things get done. Ask don’t blame

      1. Wow, as a fellow blogger, I can attest to how time consuming it is to write, edit, post and take pictures for your blog. On top of that, there is also the admin stuff to ensure everything is working well. I would never just assume what Ken did because there was just one link, I’d assume technical difficulty especially knowing about the hack and the life changes. Of if there is a question about disclosing compensation? There’s a way to inquire without assuming.

  2. Just want to mention that most of the “blogging friends” who were listed on my blogroll prior to hacking still have my links up even though I have not full restored my blogroll not not put them back up. I just want to say thank for my bloggy friends patience. I will try to get a blogroll listed this week …

  3. Hey Liza…sorry to hear you got hacked! It is not only frustrating, but as you point out, can be very expensive and time consuming trying to rebuild. Sometimes its not even possible, unless you’ve backed it up. (I admit, I have not done so with my blog.)

    Like you, my blog is done out of a love for the islands and I would surely just give it up if it was based on “profit”! Hell, I’d be happy if I could cover the hosting fees. lol

    Best wishes in getting everything back up and running…even better than before.


  4. Take your time, homegirl. Working a new job is always hetic, especially with a family. I hope your new job involves SM! You’re officially a guru. Keep kicking behind, mama!

  5. What a bummer for you Liza. That is so hard to accept being hacked and having to pay to have your site rebuilt. I’ve been exporting weekly now, and my blog is pretty new. I didn’t see your blogroll here. Better look again. I know you had a lengthy one. I once copied down all you followed as a reference.

  6. Aloha Liza, no worries. I’m sure that being hacked was a pretty scary situation and it takes time/effort to get everything back to normal. If I can help in any way, don’t hesitate to ask.

  7. Too bad about the hack. That’s always a pain to deal with. Congratulations on the best of Maui notice.

    I’m excited to finally spend some time on Maui. Just a few weeks away, as I’ll be attending the Maui Photo Festival.

  8. Congrats on being named Best Blog two years in a row! After having just returned from my first trip to Maui, I’m looking forward to staying connected to that wonderful slice of paradise!

    Also, sorry about the hacking. No excuse for that type of senseless behavior. Stay strong!

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