Who is the best personal lawyer on Maui? In my opinion, it is Atty. Jan K. Apo. And why am I blogging about this? because …

Why am I talking about the best personal injury lawyer of Maui?  The answer is simple: because life is unpredictable.  When you come to Maui for a vacation (or even when you live here), I wish you have the best time ever.  Here on A Maui Blog I talk about the many different activities you can do, like hiking, ziplining, driving to Hane, etc.  I would like you to enjoy these activities to the fullest and have a great adventurous time. I wouldn’t want any accident or injury to happen.  However, if or when it does happen, and you determine that you need some legal assistance, I would want you to have the best legal advise and so I am recommending Atty. Jan K. Apo.

Some of you might say “but I am not the type that will sue others“.  I understand.  I am like you.  I would not easily choose to sue.  But sometimes there are situations when we need the services of an attorney, not just to sue, but to defend ourselves or to get help in getting the insurance benefits that supposed to have been given but the insurance company was making it difficult for you to do get.

And so, why am I recommending Atty. Jan Apo? Because I personally know him. He is a man of integrity.  He truly cares for his clients.  When you meet him, you will know what I am talking about.  He is a kind person. But don’t be deceived into thinking that just because he is kind and a gentleman, he won’t “fight” in the court.  Jan can and will “aggressively” fight for your case in court to win.  He does not easily give up. He has vast experience.  His track record is exceptional.

The other day, while browsing the internet, I saw a comment from a lady saying “if your lawyer has a reputation of being a pitbull, don’t expect to be exempt from his wrath“.  I smiled at that.  I know some people prefer to have a lawyer who is very aggressive in his approach. But aggression does not insure a win.  Hard work, knowledge and extensive experience matters. In the end it really boils down to the fact that your lawyer must have your best interest at heart.  Jan’s reputation is not about “being aggressive”. Instead he is a lawyer who “makes a difference” in his client’s life.

So there you go.  It’s another resource I want to give you just in case you need a lawyer.  In the meantime – enjoy Maui!