Best Pizza on Maui – Where to Find … (Bucket List)

MonkeyPod Pizza

Aloha, y’all! It’s Jennifer of Island Gypsy Hawaii, again, and I’m stoked to be sharing about my Maui Pizza Bucket List today. Sound like a weird bucket list? Well, hang with me because if you visit the island you’re gonna wanna know where to find some yummy food, right? So this list is for YOU (and me, too, of course) 🙂

Why a bucket list? Well, because I compiled it by asking my local friends, family and scouring the internet. I’ve been fortunate enough to try out some of these places, but would absolutely LOVE to try them all. Wouldn’t you???

Round Table Pizza

Round Table Pizza
via Round Table Pizza

Round Table Pizza was a vote for the entire family. Offering two locations: one on the Westside for all of you Kaanapali folks, and one on the Southside for the Kihei peeps. So, if you’re looking for a kid-friendly environment and quick service this would be a great place to try out.

Monkeypod Kitchen

With local ingredients sourced from Hawaii farms, Monkeypod Kitchen in Wailea definitely made my Maui Pizza Bucket List. My local friends said this would be a great date night or adults only pizza night. They even offer a happy hour on their pizzas every night, giving a half-off discount! Now, if you know me, then you know saving money is my love language, and they had me at “half-price”. Make a reservation or simply walk-in. I hope to do so in the near future! (The photo on top of this post is a butternut squash and pine nut pizza from Monkeypod)

The Outrigger Pizza Truck

outrigger pizza
via Outrigger Pizza



The Outrigger Pizza Truck touts the proud statement of having Maui’s first original mobile woodfired pizza oven. They travel the island with their ono pizzas. Find them on Tuesdays and Fridays at the Azeka Plaza in Kihei; on Lahainaluna Road on Mondays and Thursdays; and at Long’s in Kula on Wednesdays. Yum…just thinking about these pizzas is making me hungry!

Flatbread Company

flatbread paia
via Island Gypsy Hawaii

Located on the Northshore of Maui, Flatbread Company is an excellent choice for large groups or couples. My husband and I love the fresh ingredients Flatbread uses to create their works of art, a.k.a. pizza. I highly recommend checking out Flatbread Company in Paia, Hawaii, to satiate your pizza cravings! Their fresh salads are wonderful as well. An added bonus? You just may see good ol’ Willie Nelson or one of the Wilson brothers grabbing a bite to eat there as well, seeing as they just live up the street from the restaurant.

What’s your favorite pizza place in Maui? Which one are you going to try next? Hmm…decisions, decisions. 😉

With mucho aloha,



Aloha, this is Liza “talking”.  The other day I posted on Facebook the question “Best Pizza on Maui, what do you recommend?” and we got  132 replies! Flatbread, Serpico, Shaka Pizza, Pizza Madness and Dollies were mentioned a lot.  We probably will do a  follow p post after Jennifer and I try all these pizza places 🙂  Here is the link to our Facebook page in case you’re interested to see what the reader’s choice are:. Go to My Own Maui Facebook Page.


6 thoughts on “Best Pizza on Maui – Where to Find … (Bucket List)”

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  2. Not gonna lie, this is a terrible composition of pizza places on Maui. I mean, really, you listed Round Table first. You do know that’s a chain available on the mainland & not exactly what people are looking for when visiting. You may as well list Pizza Hut or Costco. Outriggers & Flatbreads are way, way better & actually unique to Maui, definitely should have been listed first. And how about Italian Delight, Pizza Madness, Porto or Faibiani’s? To me, this looks like you just listed the places you know without doing any real research. Not a very accurate representation of what’s available on Maui.

    1. Sara,

      The places aren’t listed in any particular order. Roundtable was actually recommended by a local, born and raised on Maui who specifically said for families. I agree, it’s more of a generic option. Thanks for the additional locations. Of course this isn’t a list of all the amazing pizza places available.

      Thanks for your input on additional locations.

    1. I appreciate your honest comment Sara. Truly, both blog posts you mentioned were not meant to be a comprehensive list but initial suggestions (actually, a bucket list for Jennifer). It’s been my goal to have a comprehensive list of recommended burgers and pizza places on Maui but that will take some time to put together. As you can see on the post above, I included a link to the current discussion on our Facebook page where people recommended their favorite pizza places on Maui and I think that will help the readers as well. This blog is a real casual “talk story” style – and readers are encourage to add their opinions just as you did.


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