I am currently on a “paralysis” mode in in terms of my productivity (on my “side job” which is also sort of a passion project). I have not been blogging here on A Maui Blog, I have been having a hard time finishing my two writing projects:

  • 1) Maui Travel Planner and Journal.
  • 2) Maui Now and Beyond (the 2nd Edition of Maui 2021 and Beyond, with a slightly different title (yes, I replaced the year with now. I had been reading books on How To Focus, and How To Overcome Procrastination …

What have I been doing to overcome procrastination?  Watching “self-improvement” Youtube videos and listening to podcasts. Through those, I am able to identify whatʻs triggering my procrastination. The trigger is “fear”.  The stage I am stuck right now is submitting to the formatter the corrections and revisions I would like to make.  This should have been an easy task if I have minor revisions.  But I have a lot! A lot of revisions, and some additions. I used to day I just donʻt have enough time. But the problem is not lack of time.  It is the internal trigger of “fear” thatʻs hindering me from working on my tasks.

The Plan: To Blog Daily. Share My Progress. Be Vulnerable. Share a Part of My Life.

With all these stress and fear, I have decided that the best way for me to deal with this pressure and stress is to blog my way through the difficulties. I know it seems counter productive.  I know it seems like this is another distraction. It seems like this is another way for me to avoid doing my task.  But I look at this is a different way.

This is reaching out for help. This is putting myself in a situation where I would be accountable to you, my readers and friends.  So starting today, I will be blogging my progress…

My daily blog will be random. Sometimes it will be long, sometimes it will be short, most of the time it will be free flow. The articles wonʻt be polished. the posts will mostly be raw. And yes, you most likely will see grammatical errors. But I will show up everyday, even if the only thing Iʻd do is post a photo or a video with a caption underneath it. It simply is about letting go of my fear. Fear of failure. Fear of not being good enough. Blogging will help.  I know it will.

You see, I feel better already.  Right now, after typing my thoughts away, I felt a pressure off my shoulders. I feel like I have the energy to tackle some of the friction I have on my projects.

Mahalo nui for your aloha, support and understanding.