I love a lot of things about Maui. I think I’ve said this a hundred times already.  But I want to share another thing that makes me comfortable living here on this island. It is because of it’s cultural  diversity and the rich ethnic backgrounds the people of Maui have.

At school the kids even celebrate “Culture Day” where everyone would talk in class about their ethnic backgrounds and traditions. The Culture Day’s highlight is a potluck where the students share ethnic food from their culture.  Pretty cool yah?   I think there’s no other place in the US where you can freely ask a kid “what are you?” meaning “what cultural or ethnic background do you have?“.  Here, many or most of the kids will tell you exactly “what they are“.  Like my kids would proudly say “we’re half American half Filipino, but actually we really are Filipino-English-German-American”.  Now let me ask … “what are you?” Can you tell me what your ethnicity is – please tell me in the comment section (or via tweet ).


Can you tell what ethnic background the owner of this truck has?