Remember that time when Maui “woke up” to a beautiful sunflower field in Waikapu? Thanks to Pacific Bio Diesel!  It was so much fun! Even though I was not that active on my blog at that time, it inspired me to write a post about it. And it went viral! Actually, it’s the video that went viral.  I happened to see the video again last week and holy molly – it now has 11 million views!  11 MILLION + ! and that’s not even counting the many views on many shares of Facebook owners who downloaded the video and uploaded it on their own.  Those garnered several more million views!

The interesting thing is that it is not even a high-quality video. I shot it using my old iPhone on my way back to work from a doctor’s appointment.  Isn’t that crazy?  I think it’s not just the video but the caption that made it resonate with the people and made them share it.  I mentioned in the caption that the sunflowers had me singing “You Are My Sunshine” in my car all the way back to work.  And who does not love that song …

“You Are My Sunshine, my only sunshine … you make me happy when skies are grey … you’d never know dear how much I love you … please don’t take my sunshine away …”

After I posted that Dancing Sunflower on Maui post on A Maui Blog, I received a message from a lady who reads my blog and follows me on social media.  She told me the story of how that post touched her deeply.  She said when her daughter passed away she planted sunflowers on her yard and the sunflowers remind her of her daughter. She also said that “you Are My Sunshine” is her song for her daughter. My eyes were filled with tears as I was reading her message.

When I looked at the date on when I posted the video, it was only 2 years ago.  I thought it was more than two years but it was. So now for a “Flashback Friday” post, let’s revisit that Dancing Sunflower on Maui original post on My Own Maui Facebook Page … who knows we might bring it up to 12 million views soon 🙂 But I was just kidding about the views.  It’s really not about the views … it is about the memories and the warm feeling it brings. OK, maybe time to clear out throat and let’s sing “You Are My Sunshine” as we watch this video, shall we?


NOW, for a beautiful video of You Are My Sunshine, combined with This Little Light of Mine, in English and Hawaiian, you must see this:


This music is available for download here ar Amazon. Disclosure: I am an affiliate with Amazon and I will get a commission when you buy using the link below.  My commission is at no cost to you; it is paid by Amazon so I hope you  download the music and enjoy it.  Aloha!  (P.S.. The actual CD not available at this time but I will let you know when it comes out)