me-againYes, the A DAY OF HOPE was a huge success! I am so glad I participated. I run the 5K. Since I went there by myself and I was late, I didn’t have photos of the “start” and the runners.

The night before the event I was still undecided whether I would run the 5K or not. We had a conflict of schedule in our family because Haole Hubby also has an event to go to that Saturday. It’s actually a volley ball family fun day organized by people from his work and we as family were supposed to go.

I woke up at 6:15 Saturday morning still debating whether to go r not. Finally, at 6:45 I decided to go. I arrived at the venue at 7:00 AM. I saw a lot of participants already gathered at the start but I also saw that the warm up is still going on. I asked one of the volunteers if I can still register and she said yes. They ran out of T-shirt but that’s ok. And so I ran. I am so glad I did.

It was so much fun watching all the groups who participated in the centipede run. Basically they are a group of four, in costume, tied up together as they ran together to the finish line. the participants are so creative, it’s so entertaining to watch them.

And so I finished the race – yehey! The runners were pleasantly surprised to see a shower set up in the middle of the driveway for us to walk through if we want to cool off. It’s such a cool thing!

From the “finish line” we were directed to go to the reception area and a place was set-up for breakfast. It was beautiful. The food was excellent, them music fantastic, the ambiance is spectacular:

After the breakfast and the awards ceremony, the Hawaiian Canoe Ceremony was held. Beautiful photos on a separate post found HERE. In addition, there was also the Locks Of Love Event:

Then there’s the Keiki Dash which was so cute! I wanted to stay longer atthe vent but I had to leave just before the Paddlers went into the ocean because I needed to go to the Family Fun Beach Day with my Hubby and Kids.

I will definitely mark my calendar for next year. Who knows I might run the 10K by then 🙂

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