I googled to find the official website for the Day of Hope and was quite disappointed that there is very little information in there (basically just the registration). (Note 11/10: I take this back – they promoted it well. There was a brochure that I can download on their website, I just didn’t see it)

I know they did a mail out through Maui Weekly (more info there), but I thought they would have done more on the website. I wish I had thought about posting about it sooner to create more buzz on the net but it’s a little bit late now. The event is this Saturday. Anyway, I posting now and will blog again about it on Saturday as I am participating on the 5K run.

Speaking of participating on the 5K run, I am afraid I would be the last one to finish as I had not really been exercising that much. I walked on the treadmill the other day for 30 minutes and that’s about it for my training for this run. I have not run in 2 months! Oh well, if I was able to do it on the Run For The Whales and the Wahine Run 2007 and 2008, I can do it again this Saturday for the Day of Hope.

They will also have the Locks of Love at the event and I am contemplating on donating my hair. We shall see…

To give you an idea of how fun this event is, visit last’s year’s coverage on this blog of Live Maui Webcast and Videos. Go there and see the 2007 photos. That’s where I got the photo here of my friend T and his son J from last year’s Day Of Hope 🙂 Go here to see 2006 photos. See you on Saturday!