Aloha! Just a few thoughts and tips I’d like to share with you. You probably won’t find these candid tips in other tour magazines, so here it goes:

1. Be polite on the road. Pull over to the side when needed. – Many locals get irritated when a tourist car drives slowly on the road because they are trying to figure out where they are going. It really is annoying to see a tourist driving with map in front of him. If you’re lost or not sure where you are going, pull over to the side.
(Editorial by The Broken Chromosome: Drive in the right hand lane! Nothing is more annoying than people who drive in the left lane and go slow, or the speed limit, or just over the speed limit! The left lane is the passing lane…)

On the road to Hana, pull over to the side and let the local pass you when you are driving slow on those curvy roads. We know the scenery is beautiful, but the locals need to drive that road to go to work and we don’t need to get stuck behind a tourist car driving slow. This is a pet peeve of my husband when we are going to Keanae. Some tourists just don’t get the clue that when they look behind him and there are about 2 to 3 cars trailing behind, find a spot to pull over and let them pass…

2. Be generous with your tips. A lot of the locals working in the service industries don’t get paid much. Your generous tips will be highly appreciated. Don’t be stingy – you’re on vacation!

3. Watch out for bikers. Believe me, there were a lot of bikers (bicycles and motorcycles) who were accidentally hit by tourists, some of them died. Tourist, don’t drink and drive; and watch out for those bikers on the road!

4. Don’t litter. Pick up your rubbish. Watch your kids, make sure they don’t ruin our “aina” but throwing their rubbish on the street. Those of you who smoke, please don’t just throw your cigarette butts around. Once in a while you’ll see some huge orange trash bags on the side of the road filled up and bundled. Those are trash picked up by volunteers who desire to keep Maui clean. Tourists, please do your part in keeping Maui clean.

5. Sun block is a must. The sun is hot and it will give you sun burn. Use sun block all the time (especially wiht your kids). I repeat, use sun block.

That’s all for now, I might be back for more. Happy vacation!