Driving On Maui – Love the View!

One of the many reason why I love living on Maui is that I love the sceneries while I drive. Whether I am driving to or from work, running an errand, or just cruisin with the kids – the view makes us feel like we are on a vacation. Many of them are like taken directly out of a post card or something.

We had a very busy weekend and I am going to have several posts about it. This is the first of the series. I wanted to share with you all some of the sceneries we see as we drive on Maui roads:

This is the Mokulele Intersection where Kihei Road, Piilani Highway, South Kihei Road and Mokulele Highway intersect. It's a huge intersection. It's used to be small and confusing; now it's big and still confusing 🙂
This is my view while driving on Mokuele Highway from Kihei to Kahului (or Wailuku)
Driving on South Kihei Road in the morning. Nice view and less traffic 🙂

And these are just the sampler. Wait till you see the scenic drive to Lahaina, Upcountry, Paia overlooking Hookipa, and Honoapiilani Highway. And that’s not even counting the drive to Keanae and Hana.  Oh yes, I love driving on Maui because of the scenic views. Now if we start talking about “our” driving skills and etiquette, I would say “no comment” . Let’s just say that occasionally you will see a bumper sticker that says “Slow Down, This Ain’t the Mainlaind”; and then other occasion you will encounter some locals who would seems to be frustrated when you are driving slow because you are a tourist enjoying the view.  🙂

I would be very interested to hear from those who lives on Maui or who came for a visit. What’s your take on driving on Maui?

11 thoughts on “Driving On Maui – Love the View!”

  1. My favorite drive is the Honoapilani Highway, from Lahaina going South. We took ten minutes of video along that highway as we traveled back to the airport last November. I love to watch the video to be reminded of the beach and the Auau Channel. Many roads in upcountry are wonderful as well. All beautiful memories and all saying, “Come back!”

  2. My dream is to run a Maui Marathon! With the scenery, who wouldn’t want to?

    Bro J’s last blog post..J Running Video

  3. My husband sorta made me promise that on the next trip back home, we have to visit Maui. It has been years since I’ve gone there. Guess I had better saving extra for those wicked interisland fares!

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  5. I don’t know what it’s like to drive there……YET! My hubby & I are planning to come there in September or October 2010 then we’ll find out.

    But I wanted to say I enjoy your blog & pictures.

    One question….is that second picture what I’d see driving from the airport to the coast of Kihei or Ka’anapali? *please excuse if that is spelled worng I apologize!*

    Jennifer’s last blog post..In honor of Memorial Day

  6. The Maui Marathon is a beautiful race. Running along Honoapiilani Highway takes your mind off the pain of that long run.

    A few years back, the race was held in March and runners could view whales as they competed.

  7. Cindy and I were in total awe the first time we arrived in Maui and drove from the airport to Ka’anapali. There are parts between Lahaina and Ka’anapali that literally come up close to 10-15 feet to the ocean, so cool.

    We’ve driven most of the island by now, and we thought we’ve seen some of the best parts. But then last year, we were heading back to the Sheraton after seeing HAPA in concert at the MACC. It was about 10:30pm and the first time I had really made the drive from Kahului to Ka’anapali at night. I still remember glancing out the window (I was driving, after all) and seeing parts of towns higher up in the mountains with their house and street lights in the pitch darkness, looking like they were floating. And then, as we made our way around Maalaea, we could look across the water and see Kihei all light up as well.

    Simply beautiful, even at night.

    Kris’s last blog post..Having Vacation Portraits Taken – Creating Personalized Memories

  8. Very interesting read, I think their would be a lot of mixed opinions on this. Love the theme that you are using, what is it?

  9. we were in Maui last July 2008. our first time to Hawaii! I Dream of going Back!! we stayed at the royal Lahaina resort. skip However the free Breakfast welcome oriantaion thing Because all the do is interupt your Meal and try to sell you somthing.like tours and such. but you can go direct to the source and get it cheaper trust me.we were there 7 Days. Had a Blast.

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