It’s Aloha Friday and I thought I should post something fun here at A Maui Blog. We recently camped at Hana and had a blast! One “argument” (ok, discussion) that always comes up when we are talking about the drive to Hana is which way to go or what route to take going there. For me, I like the windy scenic route of taking the Hana Highway and going all the way to Hana from there. My husband on the other hand likes the Kaupo Drive. The scenery is still spectacular but it’s different – and it’s a straight shot instead of a windy road.

How about you? which way to Hana do you prefer? For added fun and for those who have not been to Hana and would like to get an idea of what I am talking about, I am posting 2 videos below: the Road to Hana using the windy road and the drive to Hana using Kaupo route. Take a look and then leave a comment to let me know which one do you prefer 🙂

Road to Hana

Back Road Drive to Hana: Taking the Kaupo Route