First Maui Tweet Up Photo

First Maui Tweet-up

Thank you Jordan for the photo. About the tweet-up to follow …

A Maui Blog is in some form of inertia right now. There are still many little details to do, I need to put force into this. Elle is doing a great job helping me, I just need to “learn faster” than I am doing, Updating a WordPress lay-out is not as easy as updating the Blogger lay-out. But the switch is worth it. I’d be back.

7 thoughts on “First Maui Tweet Up Photo”

  1. WordPress is tons of fun! And its super-extendable. You’ll be able to do whatever you want once you find the connections within your WordPress setup; and you’ll never look back.

    Kaeo Kepani’s last blog post..Hawai`i Broadband Technology News Conference

    1. There are a couple of tweet-up in the works 🙂 I too hope you can join in. We are thinking one in Paia and one at the Whale Day celebration at Kalama Park 🙂

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