IMG_0602Warning to all my readers. This post is a rambling post. It’s 10:10 at night and I am supposed to be in bed. Asleep. And yet here I am typing this post. Well, I was reading my blog and thought I am losing my ‘talking story mama” voice, so I feel like I need to reclaim that. If you don’t understand what I am trying to say, don’t worry. It’s hard to explain and I won’t even try. Bottomline, I just want to say to you dear blog readers and friends that I appreciate you reading this blog. It’s sort of my baby, you know.

The title says, “Good bye May, Hello June”. Why? You know, about a week before May 1st I told myself that I would be blogging about the many events and festivals in May. I wanted to do a “Oh the Busy Month Of May” post where I would list al the activities on Maui in May, but I did not get a chance to do it. It was just too busy and passed by so fast. And so now June is here and I want to do another post on June activities. Besides, it’s June, a time when many couples get married on Maui and I want to talk about that. I want to talk about June and romance on Maui. There are also many activities and big events coming up, like the Wailuku First Friday, Father’s Day and Maui Film Festival.

Hmmm, I really am sleepy so I think this post is coming to an end….

Oh, it’s Aloha Friday today! That means I get to ask you a simple question and you can give me a simple answer. And then we visit each others blogs. Let see… My question for today is “what do you like most about the month of June?” Alternate question: “What is your favorite month of the year – and why?” My answer is June. Because that’s my birthday month.

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