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It was our 19th Wedding Anniversary last week.  It got me thinking a lot about weddings. Maybe, just maybe, we can do a renewal of vow on our 2oth anniversary next year. Wouldn’t that be nice?  I can experience a romantic Maui wedding, and make use of all the photos I had been pinning on Maui Wedding Ideas Pin Board 🙂

Seriously, I LOVE WEDDINGS.  I have watched Father of the Bride about a hundred times (ok, 25). I get teary eyed when I watch the wedding scene on Steel Magnolias, as well as when I attend weddings of family and friends. I love being invited to  weddings and I love lurking at wedding magazines and websites. I am a hopeless romantic kind of gal and I think wedding is one of the most romantic event in our lives. I love moments, romantic moments … like this “first look” photo

Are you planning a wedding right now? Did you search Google for the phrase “Best Wedding Ever” and arrived on my post?  Or are you just like me who’s just dreamin’ and loves lookin’?  Either way, I’ve got good news for you! My friend Nicole started a wedding inspiration website named GORGEOUS MAUI WEDDINGS and it’s definitely going to be the “go to website” for brides to be and wedding planners, especially those who are planning to get married on Maui, Hawaii, the wedding destination of choice.

I am not here to review the site, I am just here to talk story on how beautiful it is and how it is so full of wonderful wedding inspirations, I get dreamy every time I look at it.  She talks about flowers, and gowns, and food in the wedding too.  I enjoy the helpful blog post and the unique photos like this …

and this …

At Gorgeous Maui Weddings, you will find inspiration, creative ideas, destination wedding fashion, real Maui weddings, Maui wedding vendor spotlights as well as my favorite wedding locations, restaurants and things to do on this beautiful island paradise, so I invite you to not only visit their website, but connect with them via liking their Facebook and pinning photos on Pinterest.

How about you …. do you like “weddings” like me?  Were you married on Maui or some place else? Tell us your story in the comment section below.


7 thoughts on “Gorgeous Maui Weddings”

  1. I’m not much of a wedding magazine guy, but Janice and I had a lovely Maui wedding several years back and I know some young ladies to pass this site along to.

  2. I hope you guys are able to renew your vows! I’m having my 12th anniv. on 12/12/12 and for the past year wished we would be able to make it there (magically) but I’ll have to save it for the 20th like you!

    Best wishes! (and lovely photos!)

  3. Celebrated our 20th with a fab stay at the Ali’i on Maui and renewed our vows on our 32nd again on Maui!!! We are hoping to celebrate our 35th there too!!! I would spend EVERY anniversary on the islands…

  4. We were married in Makena at the Sugarman’s Estate next to Ahihi Bay. It was perfect and the weather was great. We had a blast and all of our guests will never forget it. I think you should do a vow renewal. Don’t wait till it’s for the 30th! Celebrate! Congrats, Liza!

  5. Love the photography on this post. Of course my favorite was the one with the dog in it!

    I had several friends / acquaintances think about getting married on the Big Island when I lived there. Now that I have made Maui my home (and I really, really love it!), I have no doubt I will have more requests for information. Its a beautiful, romantic place.

  6. Although I will likely never marry again, I do confess I love weddings. To see the joyful tears on the faces of the happy couple and their loved ones always makes me cry. I don’t need to know them, it doesn’t even need to be real (tv & movies get to me too).

    I do prefer the more casual weddings than the very formal ones. A simple outdoor reception, a fluid gown and less decorations. The first shot is my favorite above.

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