Unfortunately, both “Halloween Costume Parade at Front Street Lahaina” and “Hallelujah Party at Hope Chapel” are not happening this year 2008. I know… many will miss them. There will still be a Keiki Parade or Children’s Parade at Front Street but no Adult parade. Of course there will still be “parties” going on and people will still be dressed up – but there won’t be a formal parade. The Maui Goodness posted:

This coming Halloween, 2008, will be the first in decades to not enjoy the cheerful costume contests and local booths in Banyan Tree Park. The Maui County Cultural Resources Commission denied permits for costume contests, live outdoor stages, and food and craft booths. Their reasoning behind this is to curb indecent and lewd behavior and to preserve the historical significance of the town. They maintain that the events surrounding Halloween do nothing to promote Lahaina’s cultural history. To continue reading click HERE.

About the Hallelujah Party At Hope Chapel, it is basically a budget issue. With the present economic crisis, the church has to cut back on some of it’s activities, and sadly the Hallelujah party was one of them. There is an alternative program which is called Shine. I will post more about it another day. I just want to make sure I post about this “no hallelujah party” because I noticed that a lot of people are googling it and landing on my blog. At least if they find out that there is no hallelujah party this year at Hope, they can plan something else.