I was surfing the internet this morning trying to find a good photo to use for my first post on 2013.  Should it be Maui Sunrise? Maui Sunset? A Beach Shot? Palm Trees?  Then this photo above caught my eye.  That’s it! That’s the photo I want for my New Year’s Day post!  (Thanks to Mike Neal for taking this pic and sharing).

Starting a new year is like charging into a awesome wave. It’s an adventure. It’s mostly awesomeness but sometimes we can get knocked out of our board and it’s not fun.  But then we go back up again and charge once more.

Many things will happen that are beyond our control.  But we should not fear. We should not hold back on doing what we want to do simply for the fear of failure.  Let’s charge the wave of 2013. Let’s ride with confidence.  Circumstances may not always be favorable but we must always rise to the occasion. Guess what the caption that goes with this surfing photo above? Here it is:

“Well today was Circus O Mud Peahi… Waves were inconsistent, raining most of the time… hundreds of muddy people, stuck car and trucks. 30+ guys, 15+ skis and boats… Hopefully will be better in the morning 🙂 Fun show none the less 🙂 ” – Mike Neal

See what I mean? Let’s remember to have great attitude: positive attitude and  attitude of gratitude.  We will do well with these.

Happy New Year!


P.S. – Also check out Natalie Brown’s great photos of surfing at Peahi (JAWS), Maui at Maui Information Guide .