Chef Sheldon and Family

How would you like to be able to give and bless someone with a  $10,ooo cash? You might say, “Oh I would be so delighted. I would love to bless someone with 10K, the problem is I don’t have the money to do that“.  Me too, and me neither.  I too would love to give someone 10K and bless his or her family and I too do not have the money to do it.

But wait ….

There is an opportunity to do that! There is an opportunity for us to have a chance to bless someone with a ten thousand dollars cash even if we don’t have that kind of money ourselves.  Enter the Top Chef Fan Favorite Contest.

Have you heard of the Chef Simeon Sheldon of Star Noodles on Maui a.k.a. @chefwonder ?  Have you heard that he was a contestant on this Top Chef Television show and he was great and everyone loves him?  Did you also hear that he came all the way up to top two, but last Wednesday he got eliminated and was sent home losing the chance to win the grand prize of $125,000? (oh a lot of us cried because we think he should win, but we are so proud of him for what he had accomplished)  I am assuming that you have heard them all. However, if you haven’t, go read this Thanks Sheldon and you’ll know more.   It’s a fascinating and inspiring story.

So let me get to the point:  #ChefSheldon needs out help!  In order for him to win the Fan Favorite award on Top Chef, we need to

VOTE! Text Sheldon 27286  – we can do this 7 times a week per phone.

You can Tweet: #ChefSheldon #ChefSheldon #ChefSheldon #ChefSheldon #ChefSheldon #ChefSheldon #ChefSheldon

Deadline to vote is March 6, 2013. UPDATE 2-25-13: I was told Feb 27 is the last day to vote!

Why am I voting for him and writing this post, and why am I encouraging you to the same? So many reasons.  here are some of the reasons why I am voting for him:

  • #ChefSheldon is a humble man. All who knows him personally can attest to this. And to those who don’t know him personally, his character (being humble) was reflected all throughout the show at Top Chef on Bravo TV. In all his wins (on various episodes until he reached top 2) he was always giving glory to God, and thanking his family and friends and all the Hawaii people. And all the Filipinos too who had been supporting him because even though he was born and raised in Hilo, Hawaii his roots are from the Philippines. 
  • #Chef Sheldon is a family man. He loves his wife Janice and his precious three daughters. The photo they have above speaks a thousand words.  In their personal Facebook pages (we are friends) I see photos of him reading bedtime stories to his kids. how sweet is that?
  • #ChefSheldon makes the best Sinigang ever. Sinigang is my most favorite Filipino soup dish, it is so comforting, and so yummy.  I love it that #ChefSheldon (or Chef Simeon as other will call him) show cased this dish at Top Chef and he won for it on that episode. Maybe when #ChefSheldon wins the 10K Fan Fav he’d cook me some sinigang 🙂
  • #ChefSheldon also makes the best Adobo. Adobo is well known here in Hawaii as a local food that originated from the Philippines. Eve the haloes (umm, ahem, pardon me, I should say Caucasian) friends love them!
  • #ChefSheldon is a gifted and talented chef, period.
  • #ChefSheldon is inspiring.  In the show he mentioned how he started by washing dished. No pretense. He worked his way to the top. he was a hardworker. He never gave up. Yes, he is an inspiration.

You may add some more reasons if you like (add them on the comment section). For now I have to finalize this post so I can share them already.  Would you please help us spread this word about him need our help. Vote. Let’s do what we can do, and in the end when he wins we know that we’re a part of what made him win.  Aloha!