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I started blogging as a Mommy Blogger in 2005. My kids were little at that time, and I enjoyed sharing stories about our adventures on living on Maui. I also shared the joys and struggles of living in Hawaii as a working mom.
As my blog and social media followers grew, I started getting a lot of questions about Maui. The questions kept on coming and growing, so I decided to start A Maui Blog.

“I love how well written and informative this book has been. I cannot wait to finish reading it and get to see everything here on this beautiful island.”

Lucy DeVille

The Latest Happenings on Maui

Exploring Mauiʻs Farmers Markets

Exploring Mauiʻs Farmers Markets

Experience the vibrant atmosphere of a Maui farmers market; an unparalleled delight, especially when seeking fresh fruits, vegetables, and produce on the beautiful island of Maui. Beyond the immense selection of produce you can only find here, these markets also offer...

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Wonderful time at the Wailea Beach Resortʻs Sunset Cookout

Wonderful time at the Wailea Beach Resortʻs Sunset Cookout

This past Wednesday I had the amazing opportunity to attend the first Sunset Cookout hosted by Wailea Beach Resort. It started at 6pm and lasted to 8:30pm, but it was a chill walk in and not too long of a line. As well we were handed drinks the minute we got in. Once...

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