It’s Saturday, and I Am Happy About it!

This past two weeks had been crazy. Crazy good I should say. Busy as can be, but blessed to be able to do what I did.  Attended the #FSWine Tweet-up at Four Seasons Maui; got pampered at #FSSparty at Four Seasons Maui, had a Tweet-up at Leoda’s; Re-organizing A Maui Blog (updated About Page)  while getting ready to relaunch A Maui Biz; Busy at work at Premiere Mortgage and Aloha Luxury Properties.  And while all those social media involvements are happening, I still am busy being a mom, a wife, a sister, a friend.  There are several blog posts I am working on, some of them probaby is not as relevant anymore so I might drop a few.

OK, I realize this is really not a good post as I am just listing my activities and involvement, yada, yada, yada.  I better get going and write the real blog post so I can replace this with that.  And before I go, just want to wish you all a HAPPY SATURDAY!  Are you happy it’s Saturday? I am! I am! So, what are you doing today? As for me – I have a hundred things to do on my list, and I am happy I can do most of them – today! Oh I love Saturdays!

*The photo above was taken at Leoda’s.  Yep, thats on of the posts I am trying to come up with…..  off to write!

1 thought on “It’s Saturday, and I Am Happy About it!”

  1. Liza. A total treat to see you twice in one week. Fun to see you IRL, to LOL and enjoy each others company. I’m taking it easy today. Napping with dirty dishes in the sink. Walking the dog and letting the laundry sit. Going to log off here and hold hands with my husband.

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