Kalama Park, Maui, Hawaii

I went to Kalama Beach park yesterday for a “Maui Social Media User’s Group Meet-up” a.k.a. #MauiSMUG Meet-up.  I have not been at Kalama Park for a long time and going back there brought back warm memories of when my kids were little …

Kalama Beach Park Maui 2

You see, this Kalama Beach Park has a great playground for kids.  We used to bring our children here and they would play for hours and hours while we parents sit on the benches, watching them, but also taking time to “rest” (as parents of young children, sometimes this is the only kind of “rest” you get 🙂 )

Kalama Beach Park 1

While there, I can’t help but be thankful once again for a beautiful place we live in…  Of course I had to take the classic “palm trees” shot 🙂

Kalama Beach Park Maui 1

This pavilion at Kalama Beach Park … we celebrated many birthdays there.  Birthdays parties of our kids, and our kids’ friends …. Lots and lots of fun memories here.

Kalama Beach Park Maui 6

Kalama Beach Park is a great family friendly park in Kihei, South Maui.  Not only does it have the playground and play structure and pavillion I had shown you on photos, it also has a skating rink, ball fields, skateboard park, and more …

Kalama Beach Park 4

About the #MauiSMUG meet-up? Well, here we are on the pic. That’s the whole crowd – there three of us: Peter, Liza and Joy 🙂 Peter and I met through a Maui Tweet-up back in 2008 and became good friends since then. It was a great time catching up with him since we have not seen each other in person for a while (both are busy with our full time jobs). Joy and I met in 2013 when she was visiting, but also was planning to move here on Maui.  This year, she and her husband made the move! Check out her Facebook Page “Trusting Signs, Finding Joy”  to learn more about her journey to/on Maui. It was wonderful getting to know her a bit more and nice getting her introduced to Peter as well. The three of us chatted (talked story as locals would say). Then we noticed that the sun is about to set, so we moved from the playground area to the beach/rockwall area …

Kalama Beach Park 3.

Love how people on Maui appreciate Maui Sunsets …  locals and tourists alike …

Kalama Beach Park Maui Sunset 2

It was a bit voggy that day. Usually, with a voggy day, we get colorful sunsets….

Kalama Beach Park Maui Sunset 3

I’d end my caption here and will let you enjoy the rest of the pics without the caption. Aloha and a hui hou!

Kalama Beach Park Maui Sunset 4

Kalama Beach Park Maui Sunset 5

Kalama Beach Park Maui Sunset 1

If you are visiting or planing to visit Maui and wants to knoe more about Kalama Beach Park, click this link: Kalama Beach Park