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What’s your favorite place on Maui?  For me, one of my favorite places on Maui is Keanae.  Keanae Peninsula. It’s a small town,  Hawaiian Village so to speak.  I love going there.  It’s almost half way to Hana.  In a way it is similar to Hana, and yet in many ways it is not.  Keanae has its own character and beauty.  The nature invites your heart and soul to relax.  If you have not been there, I suggest you go.  YMCA has a retreat place there that you can rent a cabin or room for a reasonable price.  Keanae is my mind today, wishing I can go back there for more “decompression”.   Every time I go there, I take hundreds of photos.  It is hard to choose which one to post.   Below are some photo that give you an idea of why I like it there:

The above photo is the entrance to the Peninsula.  As you enter that road, imagine you are entering into a “time zone” wherein you will get back in time.  No cell phones, no internet – just enjoy the nature.  You’d love it.

Beautiful blue ocean, incredible rock formations, amazing views … these are only some of the things you will enjoy …

My of our favorite things to do is just walk around the peninsula.  At the end of the peninsula is a ball field, a church, more beautiful ocean and all around are taro patches and gorgeous plants – tropical flowers, bushes and trees.

Aside from the ocean, there is also that Ching’s Pond.  Locals like going there.  There’s a bridge that some people jump straight to the pond! (warning – it is not recommended, not safe, it may even be banned by now.  But many still do it.  There is a side entrance walkway that you can go down the pond. Our kids love playing there.

Keanae Peninsula is a great place to visit the taro patches.  The ones with the plants are a sight to see, and the ones empty but watered becomes a play ground for ours. Yep, I have many photos of them playing in the mud!  I will have to find which ones are ok to post and upload. For now just imagine my kids covered with mud – all over!

And not to forget the fruit stand! Auty Sandy’s fruit stand.  The smell of the fresh baked banana bread is awesome in the morning! And the shave ice is the middle of the day is a fun treat! (More about Aunty Sandy in my next post)

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But before you go there, would you leave a comment please? Let’s talk story.  tell me if you’ve been to Keanae yet, and if you have, what did you like about it?  If you have not been to Keanae Maui, how about sharing which one is your favorite place in your hometown… and why is that so.  Alooooha!