I started blogging as a Mommy Blogger before I got involved with sort of a Travel Blog. That’s why this A Maui Blog will never be like other tourism blogs or travel blogs.   The mommy blogger in me would once in a while surface. Like today – I will be posting a photo of my son’s room – before and after clean-up.  You see, even though we live in “paradise” we do have to go to work to earn a living (like me- the working mama) and we do have to do chores (like Hapa Boy gotta clean his room).

Here’s what Hapa Boy’s room was like when I arrived from work today. Oh yes, he loves playing with Legos.  Legos are great a long as I don’t step on them at night. Have you ever stepped on a Lego piece? Quch it hurts!  Anyway, here’s the messy room – the before photo:


Now, here’s the cleaned up shot. Nice and clean! Good job Hapa Boy!


Now that we have accomplished this (yes, I helped him clean) – I thought it would be nice to share this with the other moms who also have tackled something today.  Let’s go to 5 Minutes For Moms and see what others had accomplished.