Are you a visitor on Maui and looking for an authentic cultural experience? Are you a kama’aina or local Hawaii resident who wants to learn more about the Hawaiian culture? Or are you someone who enjoys watching the splendor and elegance of the Hawaiian heritage? If your answer is “yes” to any of the above questions, proceed to the next paragraph.

The next question is “have you attended any of the annual “Na Kamehameha Commemorative Pa’u Parade and Ho’olaule’a (NKCPPH)” event? If your answer is “no”, I highly suggest that you do. I will. On Saturday, June 18th, the annual NKPPH will once again be held in Lahaina and I am going to be there with my family and a bunch of friends.

Truth be known, I too have not attended any of the previous NKCPPH parade. Shame on me. When I started to read more about it as part of my research for this blog post, I realized that this event is one of a kind. This is probably one of the most Hawaiian event on Maui and should not be missed. So I won’t miss it this year.

The NKCPPH event is a combination of fun and rich cultural experience. For details of the event, click here (I posted the press release separately so you can have the full details without my “talk story”). You will see on that article that there will be a grand array of things to see, do and hear when you attend that event. I am excited and looks forward to it.

One major part of the event is the “Pa’u Parade” on Front Street. Do you know what a “Pa’u” is? Here’s a great video I found that educated me about it. Watch and learn: