I have to admit, Kula Country Farm is one of my favorite farms on Maui.  I like it because it’s easy to find. I also like all the fresh produce they have.  And most of all, I love how the farm caters to families.  I love their “pick your own strawberries” farm in the Spring, and I love their “Pumpkin Patch” in the Fall. So when Dania of Edible Hawaiian Island Magazine organized a Maui Tweetup, I knew I wanted to go. 

In addition to the beauty of the Kula Country Farm,  the tweetup organized was also a Maui Pie Tweetup! Tweeps were encouraged to bring homemade pies made out of local produce. Great idea, and well implemented.  Now for my confession, I did not bake my pie. I brought a store bought one. Sorry. But I am glad that my inability to bake pies did not stop me to attend the tweetup.  I was there to eat and enjoys the pies, and boy was I so stuffed! Someday I would love to be able to bake like the talented foodies who were there and brought some of the most delicious pies I’ve ever tasted!The tweet up was so much fun. I was told that there were 60 people who showed up.  Not all tweets, some are family and friends of tweeps and we love they they came too.  So who were the tweeps who came?  Here’s the list I have. If you attended and I missed writing your name, contact me and I will add you to the list: @DaniaEdibleHI, @joelkatzmaui, @kulafields, @MauiBlen, @tikitales, @jillengledow, @Jamarilyn, @JenRusso, @SaraMcdonald, @MauiMag, @Swianecki, @gossipgourmet, @@mauicomedy, @danlarsen, @mauifreshchef, @mcontrol, @johnsonbeesley, @gfreemaui, @sneakpeakeats, @specktekula, @joewouldgo, @oneofakindcards and @nancykanyuk.

I initially planned to talk about each and every pie out there but just thinking about them makes me drool.  Instead of talking about the pies, I thought I’d share with you a Youtube video of the Maui Pie Tweetup.  After watching the video – hop on to @jamarilyn’s Maui Country Farm Tour Blog and read about the pie tweetup there too.

And so here’s the video. Enjoy!