Many of you have read about the mysterious disappearance of my post about Kula Fields.  I still do not know what happened there – a glitch in my WordPress I guess.  So this is the take two of my post. It won’t exactly be the same post but the bottom-line  thought is the same: Kula Fields is highly recommended!

What is Kula Fields?  Best way to describe it is that it is a “Farmer’s Market on Wheels”.  Kula Fields deliver fresh, natural and locally owned produce right to your door.  They give quality service and encourages you to give your family the quality meal too.

I first heard about Kula Fields when my daughter’s school did a fundraising and Kula Fields helped out. When we place our order at Kula Fields, a portion of the profit goes to my daughter’s school.  I thought that was pretty neat.


And so when the first box of Kula Fields produce came to our doorstep, I was pretty excited. When I opened the box, I was impressed with the freshness of the produce – aahhh, it smelled good!. But what was even more impressive is the taste!  As soon as the box arrived, we chowed on the strawberries in it.  “This is the sweetest juiciest strawberries I’ve eaten!” both my husband and I said.  Same thing with the cantaloupe – I had it for breakfast the next morning and oh it was so juicy and fresh!

And the veggies? Fresh and tasty as well. We brought some of it on a cook out that we attended that night that we received the box and our friends we all asking “Where did you get these zucchini?”.  Of course we told them about Kula Fields and one of the family decided they would order from there. Want to know how it works? click here.

When I tweeted about Kula Fields, I got a lot of positive replies too.  I guess it’s becoming popular on Maui.  And you know what’s even nicer is the fact that Roxanne, the owner, is such a nice gal.  I met her in one of our Maui tweetup and instantly liked her.  Her handle on Twitter is @KulaFields – go follow her 🙂