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Hubby needs a new pair of shoes for work. He saw a pair online (Sanuk) that he likes but he was hesitant about ordering the shoes online. You’ve got to try on the shoes before you purchase them, right? To make sure it’s the right fit and it feels right. You can’t do that on line.

He found out that Sanuk has a store in Lahaina, so off we went. Yep, family time!  We look at this “need for shoes” as an excuse to drive to Lahaina because that’s where the store to buy the shoes is at.  Living in Kihei, the South part of Maui, we seldom drive to the West side, like Lahaina Town.

I like Lahaina Town with it’s little shops on Front Street, fronting the beautiful ocean.  I think it’s a fun place to go to.  It’s just that here in the island, many locals do not like driving “far away” from one town to another.  In reality, it’s not really that far away.  We just get comfortable in our own little town and stay there.

Turn out, the shoes hubby found online didn’t have the “right feel” on his feet when he tried them on.  So even though he didn’t get to buy the shoes, we still got to visit Lahaina.  Hubby even bought us some ice cream and enjoyed eating it under the famous Lahaina Banyan Tree.

More photos of our Lahaina Town visit are posted at A Maui Blog Facebook Page.

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