Aloha! How are you all doing? As for me, I am quite busy with my new job, but life is still wonderful. Every morning I wake up feeling blessed to able to live here on Maui. I never take it for granted.  And like what I said before, my gratitude of being able to live in Hawaii is what motivated me to start this blog. It is also the one of the reasons why I share lots of Maui photos and videos on social media.

Speaking of sharing … I was invited by Peter Kay of Living in Hawaii to share about Maui, live! I mean in a Live Stream program via Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn.  I would like to invite you to come join us.  You can ask your questions about Maui, and we will answer them.  It would be helpful if you can send your questions ahead, by filling out this form, but you can also ask questions during the live show, in the comment section.

So when is this Live Stream going to be? It will be this Friday, July 29, at 9 am Hawaii Time. It would help us prepare if you can RSVP in this Facebook Event Page. But if you are not in FB and would watch us in YouTube or LinkedIn, that would be great too!.

This is exciting! We will keep the Live Stream fun. I hope to see you there.