What is it like living on Maui?  Though I have not been asked this question directly, I had been asked questions similar to this, as well as comments pertaining to living on Maui.  “What is it like living on paradise?” “Lucky you (me) you live in paradise” …

As I sit here in front of the computer thinking about “living on Maui” and how to describe it, a phrase kept popping in my head “Maui: It’s All About Lifestyle“.   This tagline is now being used by one of the FB Pages of a realtor who previously hired me to jump-start their social media presence.  I worked with them the for only a couple months, but this tag seemed to have stayed with me forever.  It’s true – Maui is all about lifestyle – we can live here as bare-bones as can be or as luxurious as can be.  Maui is conducive to many different lifestyles, although I would say that if you’re one who likes “city life and all that goes with it“, Maui is not for you.

Let’s explore some of the lifestyles I am talking about:

  1. The Surfers
  2. The Rich and Famous
  3. The Nature Lovers
  4. The Foodies
  5. The Laid Back Family
  6. The Retirees
  7. The Adventurers
  8. The Seekers
  9. The Locals – “Born Not Flown”
  10. The Locals – “Transplanted/Hanai’d”

If you are living on Maui, can you identify with any of the above? What are your thoughts on these? Any other lifestyle I need to add?

Can you guess which category I fall?

I will come back to this post and  “talk story some more”.  Will add my thoughts in each of the lifestyles I listed.  I will upload this now to see if any of you have comments that maybe I can incorporate on this post later on.

Please chime in in the comment section.  If it does not print right away, don’t worry, It probably went to the “moderation” area – I will “review and publish” as quickly as I can.