New Year, New Beginning. Aloha Maui 2022! I can’t believe it is already January 22. I have planned to write a blog post on January 1, 2022 but obviously, I didn’t until now… through this video:

As I mentioned in the video, I am now working with Hawaii Life.  Details are on this announcement: Wailea Realty Joins Hawaii Life

Update on Hawaii Safe Travel Program

Our friends from The Hawaii Vacation Guide shared this update on this recent newsletter and I shared a portion of heir newsletter  with you. I highly recommend subscribing to their forthightly newsletter as they do share important information, relevant news, helpful tips and fun adventures about Maui. Jordan and Erica are pretty cool people and exudes Aloha in the way the live and share. Here is the link where you can subscribe:  – So, without further ado, here’s what they shared about the Safe Travel Update:

Three Small Updates to Hawaii Travel Requirements

Here are three updates to the process for visiting Hawaii from the other 49 states. International travelers should still follow the guidance here.

Erica did a short video on #1 and #2.

1.You no longer need to complete the Health Questionnaire 24-hours prior to departure. Under the new requirement, you will get emailed your QR code once you input your Trip information into Safe Travels and again 24-hours before your flight.

2. Hawai’i has shortened the mandatory quarantine period from 10-days to 5-days per CDC guidance. You can avoid the quarantine by requesting an exemption. See below for info on exemptions (spoiler: be vaccinated or a negative COVID test).

3. Your QR code will now be colored. Travelers who receive a green QR code will be able to sail through the verification and processing at the airport quicker. A green QR code means the traveler’s quarantine exception was pre-verified by Safe Travels. Travelers who did not receive a green QR code, like an orange code, will be able to get their quarantine exception manually reviewed by airport screeners during the verification process. One newsletter member said her husband’s was orange as their dependent was on his account.

Hawai’i Travel Restriction Refresher

As Erica and I live in a world of Hawai’i travel news, we sometimes forget the challenge of figuring out the myriad, fluid rules of coming to Hawai’i. We always recommend checking out our spectacular, waiting to win awards Hawaii travel website’s COVID travel page.

But, we don’t hide the fact that all official news comes from Their FAQ section is excellent and if you get confused, call their hotline at 1-800-GOHAWAI.

We also share videos with step-by-step instructions for coming to Hawai’i in our Hawaiian Island itineraries. Please don’t read 10-month-old Forbes and The Points Guy articles if you plan to visit Hawai’i in 2022.

A quick refresher for coming to Hawai’i in the near future (these rules may change):

  • Visitors, friends, and ohana over 18 years old traveling to Hawaii from the continental US, Alaska, or a US Territory must have a Hawai’i Safe Travels account and enter the required information
  • Vaccinated travelers do not require a booster at this time to enter Hawai’i
  • Vaccinated travelers do not require a negative COVID test to enter Hawai’i but they must upload their vaccine card to the Hawai’i Safe Travels website
  • Unvaccinated travelers must have a negative COVID test (NAAT/PCR) from a Travel Partner taken within 72 hours of departure.
  • Children 5 and older require a test or provide proof of vaccination
  • International travelers with a layover in another American state before flying to Hawai’i are treated as domestic passengers, see the guidance above
  • Some airlines are pre-clearing passengers at departure gates prior to boarding. Please check with your carrier. Otherwise, you will be screened upon landing in Hawai‘i

As the pandemic progresses, these rules will change. Governor Ige has stated he will see how the Omicron surge progresses .

Maui 2021 and Beyond is #1 Best Seller

I just saw that Maui 2021 and Beyond Book is back to being a #1  Best Seller in Kindle Version at Amazon. Mahalo to everyone who purchased, and especially to everyone who purchased and left a review (if you are so busy and can’t write a review, simply leaving a rating is good too). If you haven’t bought yet, here is the link to buy it: – Mahalo!

And just for fun and memories I took a screen shot of the Amazon page showing it is a Best Seller 🙂

I Love My Maui Life

I feel blessed being able to live on Maui, Hawaii. I feel blessed having the kind of work I do, sharing my love of Maui with you. Until next post. For now, enjoy this short video: